The Eleventh Day of Christmas: Weird Christmas Movies You Might Not Have Heard Of

By: Kimbit

I’m going to acknowledge right off the bat that there are just too many Christmas movies to talk about in just 25 days. We’ve been focusing more on the classics, and more well-known movies purely because those are the ones most people are at least somewhat familiar with. So this time I am going to focus on some of the weird lesser known films. Unfortunately since there is just so many made for TV Christmas movies, I will mostly be talking about theatrically released movies.

Alright let’s start off super strange shall we.


Santa Claus (1959)

From the Internet Movie Database (IMDB): With the aid of Merlin, Santa Claus must defeat the evil machinations of the devil Pitch to save Xmas.

Yes, it is absolutely as terrible as it sounds. It was made in Mexico and has a heavy focus on children of other cultures (very good for the time period). Most of the film is narrated which gives it a bit of a documentary feeling. There is too much creepy laughter and organ music for my liking. Check it out on YouTube, just don’t show any children.


Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964) 

From IMDB: The Martians kidnap Santa Claus because there is nobody on Mars to give their children presents.

Oh man, you can tell this movie had no budget because the costumes are hilariously bad. Probably not as bad for the time period but I’m never going to un-see the man in the polar bear costume or that cheesy robot. It did do the mannequin challenge before it was cool though! It seems more like a fun movie for kids from that era as opposed to the first movie on this list which likely traumatized children for life. This one is also all on YouTube.


The Miracle on 34th Street (1973)

From IMDB: A department store Santa tries to convince a little girl who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus that he is Santa Claus, and winds up going on trial to prove who he is.

Okay you caught me – this is a TV movie. The reason I wanted to share this one is because like me, you likely had no idea this popular classic was remade before the 1994 version. Unlike the 1st two on this list, this movie is not terrible. This is likely because it actually has good source material so it is hard to mess up. It also featured a lovely alcoholic Santa at the beginning that I thought was only in the 1994 version.


Bush Christmas (1983)

From IMDB: In the Australian outback a family struggles to keep its farm from foreclosure. Their only hope is that their horse, Prince, will win money in a New Year’s race. But when Prince is stolen the children embark on a dangerous and exciting adventure to get him back.

That title sounds like a bad porno name. I couldn’t even find this one, or the original it’s based on anywhere to watch it but I was able to find a few clips and it definitely does not seem like a Christmas movie. From what I can tell its story just happens to take place at Christmas time. It’s probably hard to make Australia look very Christmassy due to the seasons being different though. Oh and this is Nicole Kidman’s feature film debut!


Santa with Muscles (1996)

From IMDB: An evil millionaire believes he is Santa Claus after an accident renders him amnesiac.

Hulk Hogan as Santa Claus just doesn’t work at all but I don’t think I would’ve rated it as badly as most people did on IMDB. The plot is super weak, and he probably would’ve died from the hit on the head he receives but it is fun to watch him beat people up. He feels like the big Santa Arnold Schwarzenegger fights in Jingle All the Way with those exposed sleeves. There were way more faces that I recognized in this movie than I was expecting as well. This was Mila Kunis’ second feature film! Check it out on YouTube.


Nativity! (2009)

From IMDB: An improvised comedy based around a school nativity play.

Well that description is awfully vague, but the next description on IMDB is just too long. This movie is the British School of Rock if it took place at Christmas. Even though this movie is so woefully unknown, it somehow spawned two sequels (the 2nd one is currently on Netflix and stars David Tennant). Out of all of the movies on this list this one is my favourite. I’m a sucker for Martin Freeman and British comedies.

Did I miss any weird unknown Christmas movies that you like (or don’t)? Let us know in the comments!


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